What Can Invisalign® Fix?

What can Invisalign Fix?

Dental disorders come in many shapes and sizes, often hereditary, passing on challenges to health care and beautiful smiles. Previously, a trip to your family orthodontist or dentist meant braces for correcting these maladies. This became a particular challenge for older populations looking for adult braces since the bulky look often interferes with everyday life. Luckily a trip to a practitioner familiar with Invisalign braces can help both teens and adults get dental corrections with less interference.

Invisalign may sound like a new and exciting prospect for those on their journey towards greater teeth, but the company responsible for Invisalign treatment has been pioneering and fixing problems for two whole decades. In that time, Invisalign has been able to take on a ton of different problems and has helped treat over 5 million patients. While an appointment with a professional is the best way to assess and create a plan and to screen you as a candidate, here’s what Invisalign has done to help people move towards their goals and into a great smile.


Overlap of upper teeth over lower teeth is what defines an overbite. Humans naturally have a bit of an overlap that brings the front top teeth sitting just above the lower ones. Excessive overlap is what classifies an overbite. Habits formed early on such as excessive pacifier use and thumb sucking can exacerbate overbites at early ages due to the malleable and tender jaw bones that easily shift. Difficulties while chewing, pain from headaches or tension in the joints will lead to discomfort and wear down the jaw bone joints.


While lower teeth are meant to lie just behind the top teeth, underbites happen when the reverse occurs. Again, thumb sucking and extended use of pacifiers can cause this largely hereditary condition to worsen. Just like the overbite, this can lead to problems with chewing, headaches, and inappropriate jaw pressure.


When one or several teeth are aligned inappropriately this can create a crossbite. Again, hereditary, these teeth will become pointed towards the cheek or tongue and cause issues with chewing. Crossbites are also controlled by other factors such as getting adult teeth later than normal or problems with new teeth coming in.

Gap Teeth

While that cute gap between the two front teeth can be doted on, not everyone enjoys it. For some, it makes them self conscious and Invisalign® professional can help you close the gap. A mismatch of space between teeth can lead to issues like food easily getting stuck, lead people to hide their smiles, or even impact speech. Cosmetic or functional problems can be treated under the care of a healthcare professional.

Open Bite

What happens when your front and bottom teeth don’t touch? An open bite! While that sounds like a great outdoorsy picnic, it’s actually a problem. As it has been mentioned before, teeth should ideally close with a slight overlap. You can see open bites fairly common in children who are between their baby and adult teeth. Looks charming, except when you are no longer waiting on the tooth fairy. Poor oral habits like tongue thrusting or having your tongue overextended when it is at rest may result in this malocclusion.

Crooked Teeth

This is probably the most common problem associated with patient expectations about Invisalign®. Who doesn’t want straight teeth? There are some great theories about the shift of human diet and softer food varieties since agriculture and domestication came along. Whatever their cause, they often leave chewing an awkward venture.

Over? Under? A professional can help examine and determine what you’d like for your teeth. Not only what you think might work but a trained Invisalign® dentist can ensure future problems, and issues they may find with the right tools and look at your teeth.


5 Great Benefits of Invisalign

As Invisalign grows in popularity, there are more people interested in taking a step towards trying this method. Still, it’s a significant investment, and some are skeptical about the process and price tag. Is it worth it? If you’re ready to take an essential step towards that perfect smile. What makes Invisalign better than the good ole traditional pack of braces? Invisalign was designed to be a sensible, and less invasive solution towards straighter, healthier teeth. Here are five reasons Invisalign is worth considering.

  1. Invisalign is Harder to See

Transparent covers called Invisalign trays are made for your mouth and your mouth alone. After a 3-D scan of your mouth, the trays are constructed to achieve a perfect fit out of transparent plastic. This means your teeth will be free of bulky wires and metal pieces obscuring your beautiful pearly whites! Some patients also get small tooth colored attachments to help secure the clear trays you will use during your Invisalign treatment. These go a long way in helping shift and place your teeth without wires and are the same color as your teeth. Between the invisible tray and the composite attachments, many find it hard to spot when others are wearing Invisalign trays from the get-go.

  1. No Food is Off Limit

Your teeth are hard at work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorites! Dig into a handful of crunchy nuts. Don’t shy away from an excellent chewy piece of bread. Get down with your favorite sweet treat. Heck, eat all the meat and popcorn to your heart’s content. See what we mean about advances towards convenience? No need to skip the good parts of life and give up those hard, sticky, messy foods we love so much.

  1. Straight Teeth Means Healthy Outcomes

We hope this one would be obvious, your treatment comes with a healthy end product. Invisalign isn’t just about having a confident smile and feeling good about your appearance, it’s also about your well being. Straighter teeth equal teeth that are easier to floss and brush. Easier maintenance can lead to healthier gums, improved hygiene. Less wear and tear can reduce the occurrence of tooth chipping, and the ever-looming cavity threat. Invisalign treatments lead to better jaw structure, pressure, and proper alignments that ensure your mouth is working to the best of its ability. Poor teeth can hurt people down the road and impact quality of life. Keep your body happy by improving and elongating the quality of your teeth.

  1. Maintenance is Straightforward

There are many ways to help you keep your trays clean and avoid buildup in your mouth. Trays are easily popped off to allow for easy access and cleaning. Be cautious not to scratch or scuff up your Invisalign aligners. If you are using a product or cleaning agent, make sure you are using an appropriate Ph balance that won’t damage the plastic. Avoid products with dyes or coloring since these may stain your aligners. With Invisalign being on the market as long as it has, there are tons of products, tips, tricks, and a whole community of people to draw wisdom from. While it may be a bit regimented and require some discipline, the cleaning of your trays is straightforward.

  1. Confident Smile

Checking yourself in the mirror before you head out? Now you can count on that one accessory that will never go out of style: your smile. If you’ve ever been self-conscious about your teeth, or shying away from photo ops it is time to show the world a proud set of chompers. Yes, we’ve outlined the health benefits but you can reap the cosmetic ones as well! A happy, healthy smile that is easier to maintain. It can give anyone an extra boost of confidence.


But don’t take our word for it. Try scheduling an appointment to talk with our care provider who can give you the medical expertise you’ve been looking for!

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